Dead Men don't Knit Sock

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Update

We have a heel and am starting on the foot. The colors are darker then this but the lace was to hard to see without the flash. The leg is a little loose but from what I have read LL will shrink in size but not in length so this will be very good.
I have discovered the wonderfull world of on-line scrabble and have been playing that lately.
I like to play poker at Fulltilt but since I only play for play money it does get boring if you do it to much. I really want to play for the real stuff but that is hard to justify when I am the only one working. DH is looking for some part-time work once DD starts kindergarden in the fall so maybe then.
DD had a friend sleep over last night. It was alot of fun but its hard to realize that I am now the adult. I remember my mom making us dinner and snacks and now I am the one who has to do it. The scariest part is being responsible for someone else's kid. DD is an only child (not for lack of trying) and sometimes I feel bad about that. Last night did show me how much work 2 is. I admire my sister who is a single mom of two. Off to knit socks and play word games.


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