Dead Men don't Knit Sock

Monday, April 24, 2006

life gets in the way

Well it has been a busy month. My husband applied and was accepted to school 3 hours from here. We are busy trying to find somewhere to live and move a household in 3 months. His 22 year old cousin was also killed in a car accident so there has been some sad mixed in with the good. And dd also turned 5. This year we braved Chuckie Cheese with family and friends. It just seems like yesterday she was born. Thankfully she has her dads temperment but somehow she inherited my lost girlie girl gene. But I am at the heel flap of my sock so hopefully it will be done in time.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Its a sock

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Update

We have a heel and am starting on the foot. The colors are darker then this but the lace was to hard to see without the flash. The leg is a little loose but from what I have read LL will shrink in size but not in length so this will be very good.
I have discovered the wonderfull world of on-line scrabble and have been playing that lately.
I like to play poker at Fulltilt but since I only play for play money it does get boring if you do it to much. I really want to play for the real stuff but that is hard to justify when I am the only one working. DH is looking for some part-time work once DD starts kindergarden in the fall so maybe then.
DD had a friend sleep over last night. It was alot of fun but its hard to realize that I am now the adult. I remember my mom making us dinner and snacks and now I am the one who has to do it. The scariest part is being responsible for someone else's kid. DD is an only child (not for lack of trying) and sometimes I feel bad about that. Last night did show me how much work 2 is. I admire my sister who is a single mom of two. Off to knit socks and play word games.

Monday, March 06, 2006

its a leg

I have finished my first leg and am now working on my heel flap. I am hoping it goes faster from this point. Sorry the picture is so dark. Work has been very busy these last few weeks. One of my co-workers was in a serious accident and will be off for the next year trying to learn to walk again. Her son is just 2 years older then my daughter. It really makes you look at your life and see what is important. The worst part is they found open containers in the other guy's car. He had crossed the center line and it was in the middle of the afternoon. We are collecting money at work to get her a little something so she won't be so bored while she is stuck in a bed. In other news I am trying to teach my DD to knit. She does about 3 stitches and then is done but it is a start:) She likes to draw better and wants to be an artist like her daddy. I am just happy she is being creative. Off to get the DD and go see a movie.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Growing Up

I called today to find out when to register DD for kindergarden. It is so hard to believe. I clearly remember wishing for a baby and now that baby will be 5 in April. I will say being a mother has been the best experience of my life. I just hope as an only child she doesn't hate that fact but sometimes things are just ment to be.
Right now I have been bouncing from project to project, I think its because of the weather. One day its rainy and the next its snowing with a few warm sunny days thrown in. On my needles are the Red Heart sweater for DD, socks for me that I can't decided on a pattern for-I only have the ribbing done, 2 sleeves for the ribby cardi and my sock pal sock. I would be further along but I frogged most of it and changed needles. Pony Pearls just don't work well with lace. My wooden ones are doing much better. I love the new socks in interweave knits so they are being added to my list also. My DH is a stay at home dad-if I could just teach him to knit my socks life would be perfect:)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I love Lorna

I really love this yarn. I have never knit with it before but I see many socks in my future. I also really love how the colors are. I just hope they aren't to soft for my sock pal but she did say anything. I did rip some last night but that was ok because they knit up fast. I am off tom. so hopefully I will have another picture for you.
Lately at work I have been doing suduko on my lunch break. I think I may have to invest in the electric version for road trips:)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New England with a Twist

Finally decided on my sockapaloooza socks. I am using Lorna's Laces in Springer. I wanted to do cables but this yarn screamed lace. What is the twist-well I miss read the chart but it worked out ok because the first set of lace looks like flowers. Plus I figure if it looks really bad when I get the leg done I can undo it-did I really say that about something on size 1 needles? I also changed the cast on because I could not get the double cast on but the one I used looks good.
My nephew M. was baptised this weekend. We could of sold tickets to the event. His dad left my sister when she was 6 months pregnant. So he was there, her new boyfriend, that boyfriends ex-wife with her new boyfriend. Thankfully for the most part it all went well. I love my sister but she has had her run of bad luck lately so I really really hope this year gets better.
Got a sick child so must go entertain her. I also got a new book on tape so I am actually looking forward to going to work. I just love listening to them esp. mysteries. I find myself catching little things I missed. There are some really good readers and some that are just bad. I had one where you could hear the reader draw in a breath right before she would start to read. I almost didn't make it through that one.